Ease My Mind (Roll On)
Ease My Mind (Roll On)
Ease My Mind (Roll On)

Ease My Mind (Roll On)

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REM sleep cycle is a kind of sleep that occurs at intervals

during the night and is characterized by rapid eye

movements, more dreaming and bodily movement, as well

as faster pulse and breathing. (Oxford Dictionary) REM

stimulates the brain regions used in learning. REM is

associated with increased production of proteins. People

taught a skill and then deprived of non-REM sleep could

recall what they had learned after sleeping, while people

deprived of REM sleep could not. (psychcentral.com) SO

basically- YOU NEED REM sleep and this blend of oils and

hydrosols will help you REST EASY! Spray this blend in the

air and inhale. This blend is safe enough to spray on linen

and in the air as needed right before sleeping. (Also safe for

skin and clothing.) ***This product is a PRE-SALE and will

ship out after December 1st. Please be mindful when

purchasing other products on the site. Ingredients include:

Essential Oils of Amaryis, Bergamot, Ho Wood, Vetiver,

Spikenard,; Hydrosols of St. John's Wart, Balsam Fir,

German & Roman Chamomile, Comfrey. Infused with 3

crystals and stones to amplify the energy of the

blend.distilled water, & Grain alcohol. DISCLAIMER: These

statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug

Administration. This information is not intended to

diagnose, treat, cure, or 

prevent any disease. The information is also not intended or

implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice,

diagnosis, or treatment. Please confirm any information

obtained from or through Creole Secret Therapeutic

Aromatherapy LLC with other sources, and review all

information with a physician. Never disregard medical

advice or delay seeking medical treatment because of

Creole Secret Therapeutic Aromatherapy LLC